About Us
Softlink Systems was founded in 1994 by a team of experienced professionals with a passion for technology and a shared vision of a single-source technology solutions company that would serve the technology needs facing modern businesses. The Company is one of the leading premier business partner of HP Compaq, ACER, LENOVO, Dell, HCL, APC And Uniline etc.

Our team consists of professionals bearing excellent moral & social status along with technical qualifications.
Softlink Systems offers IT Infrastructure Integration Services for businesses and organizations to run their mission-critical applications. With our strong expertise and lasting relationship with technology leaders like, HP Compaq, LENOVO, ACER, Dell, HCL, APC, Uniline, MICROSOFT and many others, we provide best-of-the-reed, end-to-end solutions to our Clients.

The spectrum of services that we offer includes:
Enterprise Solutions
Networking Solutions
Industrial Computing Solutions
System Integration
Wicro wave

Enterprise Solutions
Softlink Systemsprovides Enterprise Solutions for the corporate services for its S&M Enterprise. Softlink Systemsapplies our expertise in making the latest Internetworking technologies work for you. And help you extend your enterprise through intelligent network, security, and Power backup, mailing solutions, services that maximize your employee productivity and collaborative efficiencies consulting Solution, Application Services, Products information hosting and applications services that maximize your employee productivity and collaborative efficiencies.

Integrated Message Management
Email Security & Management
IM Security & Management
Message Encryption
Web Filtering & Scanning
Message Archiving
Consulting & Support

System Integration
We Provides complete system integration, our vast capabilities enable us to design any size system, we take our customers beyond the basic design and construction of one piece of equipment into the development of systems, combining our expertise in process design the system integration. Our skilled and versatile engineering staff enables us to provide our customers with optimal solutions to their unique problems and applications. Softlink Systems has the technical expertise, innovative engineering, and manufacturing resources to implement a complete system specific to your needs.
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